Fine art prints

All the images in our Collection will be printed as limited edition Fine Art Prints on high-quality fine art papers*, which have extremely long resistance to ageing and thus would be perfect artworks to create a lively, elegant or fantastical mood in your home or office.

It is available in different sizes, and it could come with a frame and amount as options. We will customise the products based on your preference but make only
88 copies for each image regardless of sizes.​

*We use Hahnemuhle Fine Art 100% Cotton Rag Paper

Paper Abstract



All the images will be printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art 100% Cotton Rag Papers with pigmented inks by a well known fine art printmaker who works closely with many museums and galleries all over the world.  Hahnemuhle Papers have extremely long resistance to ageing.

The typical size for 2x3 images is 60x90cm (some images may have restrictions for size).  Please contact us to find out the optimal size for your order.

*The above picture is for illustrative purpose only

The_gray_wood_cabinet (1).jpg



Upon your request, we can print the image with a border.  The typical size of the border is 5cm (e.g. for a print with 60x90cm image size plus a 5cm border, the print size will be 70x100cm).

The size of the border is subject to the size of the image and we can recommend the best option for your order.

*The above picture is for illustrative purpose only




Upon your request, we can mount the print on an aluminium board, which is highly recommended for maintaining print quality, flatness and longevity.  We can also arrange a wooden frame. The standard moulding size of the frame is 16x20mm.  Please contact us for further details.

*Mount and Frame are only available for shipping within Hong Kong


From breathtaking landscape to mesmerising cityscape in your home and office



Photography was a mere hobby for me in the past to simply capture beautiful places or interesting things while travelling abroad. 

After travelling 7 months in the American continent from Nov 2017 till May 2018, I realised that photography has become a medium to express my thoughts and emotions towards the world and the way I see it.  I decided to become a photographer to pursue my desire to continuously use photography to record extraordinary moments of nature or our daily lives and translate them into photographic arts.

I am a landscape and cityscape photographer at heart, but I do also love capturing broader subjects including people, animals as well as still objects. I use a wide range of editing techniques, aiming to create unique moods and impressions. Some may be authentic or close to reality, some may be surreal or more like fantasy.

My current collections are mostly from the 7-month trip in the American continent and Hong Kong where I currently live since Oct 2007, plus some from Europe and other Asian countries.  As I have not been able to travel since the pandemic started, lately I have been working more on thematic street photography and creative portraiture. 

Tomoaki Katsuba, PHOTOGRAPHER